Senior Safety: The Best Walk-In Tubs on the Market

Senior Safety: The Best Walk-In Tubs on the Market

According to a recent survey, many Americans aged 50-80 want to age in place and stay in their homes for as long as possible. As a real estate agent, it's important to understand the needs of this demographic and help them make modifications to their homes for safer and easier living. Installing a walk-in tub is one popular option that can increase safety, comfort, and independence for seniors. Walk-in tubs come with many modifications recommended by the National Institute on Aging for "fall proofing" a home. This helpful guide from has been created to help seniors choose the best walk-in tub for their needs, including details about pricing, warranty, installation, customer service, safety features, tub styles, upgrades, and more.


Seniors with reduced mobility or who are at risk for falls may have difficulty entering and exiting a traditional bathtub.
Walk-in tubs increase safety but are expensive and cost multiple thousands of dollars.
State Medicaid programs and waivers may help low-income seniors afford a walk-in tub.
Loans and grants are additional financial assistance options that can bring down the costs of purchasing and installing a walk-in tub.
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