Making Homeownership Accessible to All: Housing Resources Bainbridge Island

Making Homeownership Accessible to All: Housing Resources Bainbridge Island

The Puget Sound region is a stunning, vibrant, and affluent region; a region that millions call home. Homeownership is a goal for many, but to some, it feels unattainable. On Bainbridge Island, the average home price is three times higher than the rest of Kitsap County, leaving many residents struggling with escalating rent and real estate prices. For the past thirty years, Housing Resources Bainbridge Island has been helping to make affordable housing and homeownership achievable for all.

Home Ownership

Housing Resources Bainbridge Island is able to provide opportunities for affordable permanent homeownership through a community land trust, wherein the purchaser owns the rights to the home on land that is under a long term, renewable lease. The benefits of homeownership through the program with Housing Resources Bainbridge Island include affordable, stable monthly mortgage payments, opportunities to build equity within your home, tax deductions, and long-term security.

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Rental Housing

Housing Resources Bainbridge Island realized a disparity not only in the prices of homes for sale, but also in the lack of affordable rentals available. In response to this, they created the Rental Housing program which offers one, two, and three-bedroom apartments for eligible households.

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Independent Living

Disabled and elderly individuals often require modifications to their homes in order to make their space a safe one to navigate. The Independent Living Program at Housing Resources Bainbridge Island was created because of a belief that no individual should have to leave their home due to safety. Through funds allocated by the City of Bainbridge Island, foundations, organizations, and individual donations, Housing Resources Bainbridge Island is able to provide residents with modifications to their homes including bathroom modifications, grab bars, exterior walkway improvements, kitchen modifications, flooring replacements, and accessible showers.

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Give Back to Your Community

I believe that diversity breeds vibrant communities and that we are all better off when we help one another. I am proud to be involved in this program and grateful to be able to give back to my community, which is why we make significant donations throughout the year for HRB fundraiser drives. We are pleased to be recognized in the “Neighborhood Circle”⁠ group — one of their top donor groups!
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