Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

As we begin to embrace the beauty of spring and all that it offers we’re also reminded of the opportunities that spring brings to refresh and renew. While spring cleaning may be high on your to-do list, your home maintenance should be as well. Here are a few things to add to your maintenance checklist to ensure that your home is ready for summer!

For the Exterior

Take a Look at Your Roof

Whether it saw a beating from winter weather or not, spring is the perfect time of year to ensure that your home is holding up. Remove any debris, moss, and algae to preserve the longevity of your roof and make any necessary repairs.

Clean Your Gutters

Remove leaves and other forms of debris that can cause drainage issues. Additionally, repair any gutter trays where you notice leaks or sagging.

Run All Outdoor Faucets

Test your outdoor faucets before leaving them to run! Be sure to check for any signs of leaks.

Schedule A/C Maintenance

The dead of summer is undoubtedly the worst time for your air conditioning to fail. Get ahead by removing debris from around the unit, replacing the filters, and cleaning the ducts and vents. Alternatively, schedule a tune-up with your A/C expert.

Repair and Reseal Woodwork

Inspect your deck or other wood structures for loose or rusty nails in addition to replacing rotting boards and repairing any water stains or discoloration you may find.

Run the Sprinklers

Mend or replace any broken screens to keep bugs out of your home while your windows and doors are open during the summer. To enjoy the fresh sunlight to the fullest, wash your windows as well.

Spruce up Your Lawn & Landscaping

Trim back your overgrown landscaping and fertilize any plants. Now is the perfect time to add some fresh curb appeal to your home in the form of new landscaping!

Check for Signs of Termites

From March through June, be on the lookout for every homeowner’s least favorite bug. These winged insects can certainly wreak havoc on your investment if left to their own devices. If you see signs of them, consult a licensed pest control specialist for assistance in keeping your home safe.

Paint the Exterior

Refresh the look of your home with a new coat of paint! Explore other homes in your area for inspiration.

Inspect Driveways & Paths

Look for any signs of cracking along your driveway and other concrete paths around your home. For a simple fix, these cracks can be filled with silicone caulk or concrete filler.

For the Interior

Open Your Windows

Refresh your space with a breath of fresh air after months of keeping windows shut to keep out the cold.

Check the Basement & Attic

Look for signs of moisture or leaks as well as water stains and mold. Water damage is never fun to manage, but it causes less hassle when caught early. 

Perform Routine Safety Checks

While you’re in the swing of refreshing your home for spring, it’s also the perfect time to ensure your family’s safety. Replace all batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check your fire extinguishers. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that your family has all their safety precautions in place in case of an emergency. 

Clean the Furnace

Our furnaces work double time in the winter to keep us warm. Show them some affection to expand their lifespan and diminish potential issues. Consult your HVAC technician for assistance. 

Consider Any Upgrades

Whether you’re considering a repair or an upgrade to your home, spring is the perfect time to jump on any project.

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